Webmail July 2, 2022

The first weekend trips

The last weekend we were in Granada and Madrid

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Day trip to Peñíscola

The last Saturday the students of the spring program had the last day trip to Peñíscola. We enjoyed a sunny day at the beach from where we had breath-taking views of the castle of "Papa Luna".

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Visit to "Recubrimientos cerámicos Keraben"

The last friday march, 7th the business practices students went to Keraben factory where they were received by D. Ricardo Martínez and had a short brief about how they work.

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Hiking at Serra

Last february 7th we went with some of our students to Serra for hiking. A village very close to Valencia.

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Day trip to Morella

The last saturday we visited Morella, also we visited the castle despite the cold

Day trip to Xàtiva

Last weekend some of the students visited an interesting village of Valencia: Xàtiva

Walking Tour

The last friday some of our students met the old town of Valencia.

Day trip to Peñíscola

The fall program began with a hot day trip to Peñíscola.

Weekend trip to Granada

The last weekend our students knew the meaning of "tapear" in Granada.

Cooking Classes

Right now some of the students know how to make a Paella or horchata, a typical drink in Valencia, What a wonderful cooks!

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Visit to the wineries of Utiel

Friday July 11th we visited the wineries of Vicente Gandía in Las Cuevas (Utiel)

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Visit to the Ciudad Fallera museum

Thursday July 10th we visited the museum of Ciudad Fallera, and we could see some "ninots".

Visit to RNE facilities

Wednesday 9th of june the students of Spanish Mass Media visited the RNE facilities with the prof. Sonia Valiente.

Day trip to Sagunto/Canet

Saturday July 5th we visited Sagunto and its Roman theatre, and then, we went to the beach!

Weekend trip to Granada & Toledo

The last weekend for some of the program students we visited Granada and Toledo

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Visit to RNE facilities

Tuesday 10th of june the students of Spanish Mass Media visited the RNE facilities

Weekend trip to Barcelona and Madrid

The last weekend we visited Barcelona and Madrid!

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Our students are fantastic cooks

The wednesday 28th of may some of our students learnt how to cook a paella valenciana.

Daytrip to Xátiva & Peñíscola

The last 24th of may we visited Xàtiva and Peñíscola!


Compulsory closing ceremony

The next thursday 8th of may will be the Compulsory closing ceremony.

Study Center Auditorium. Dress code.